08. expo 7 aug. 2011 Baracca: Black Mass Zzondag Den Haag works by Terence Hannum, Alette Wttewaal, Basten Rolf Stokhuyzen, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens and Baracca´s Schaduwkabinet with Alexander Binder, Barney de Krijger, Floris Kaayk, Frans van Lent, Ibrahim R.Ineke, Marcel Ruijters, Paul Klaui, Yvo van der Vat, presentations Mihailo Cubrovic & Prof. Niall Scott music by Selwyn Slop & Bart Schotman Villa Ockenburg Monsterseweg 4 Den Haag

Black Mass descends into the Chthonic realm of the human psyche,
exploring the rites and theories that contemporary [sub]cultures employ
to confront the concept of Darkness.

Mihailo Cubrovic
will present a concise elucidation of the functioning of black holes
in order to arrive at a definition of the concept
of the black hole as a useful model in artistic practice.

Prof. Niall Scott
will extemporize upon the subject of blackening, darkness and
void in contemporary musical subculture, its ritual,
significance and tradition.